X8 Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Kit with QC 3.0 Hands-Free Dual USB Rapid Fast Charger


  1. Hands-Free Calling: Stay safe on the road while staying connected. The X8 FM Transmitter Kit features a built-in microphone, allowing you to make and receive hands-free calls through your car’s speakers. Keep your focus on the road while enjoying clear and convenient conversations.
  2. Bluetooth Music Streaming: Wirelessly stream your favorite music from your smartphone or tablet to your car’s stereo system. The X8 FM Transmitter Kit connects seamlessly via Bluetooth, ensuring high-quality audio transmission and an immersive listening experience during your commutes or road trips.
  3. Dual USB Rapid Charger: Keep your devices powered up while on the go. The X8 FM Transmitter Kit is equipped with dual USB ports, including a QC 3.0 rapid charger. Charge your devices at blazing-fast speeds, ensuring they are ready to use whenever you need them.
  4. Wide Compatibility: The X8 FM Transmitter Kit is compatible with all smartphones, allowing you to connect and enjoy your music effortlessly. It also supports USB MP3 player, TF card, and U Disk, giving you multiple options to play your favorite tunes.
  5. FM Transmitter Function: Tune in to your car’s FM radio and select an unused frequency to connect the X8 FM Transmitter Kit. Enjoy your music or phone calls through your car’s speakers without any interference, providing a seamless and enjoyable audio experience.


Upgrade your car audio experience with the X8 Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Kit. This multifunctional device allows you to enjoy hands-free calling, music streaming, and rapid charging all in one. With its Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily connect your smartphone and play music through your car’s stereo system. The built-in QC 3.0 rapid charger ensures that your devices are charged quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the FM transmitter function lets you listen to your favorite songs by tuning into an unused FM frequency. Transform your car into a smart entertainment hub with the X8 Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Kit.

Additional information

Weight0.1 g
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm


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